No matter how costly fashion might be, most ladies love being classy and sophisticated with stilettos and smart clothes, as long as they love it they’ll buy. While others might see this as over-indulgence or addiction, i see it as appreciation. Everybody has to have a fashion statement; something that makes you STAND OUT , and my statement is wearing a gorgeous bag with stunning heels and a sassy outfit.

My personal irrespective of the occasion, whether to work, cocktails with the girls, or a casual day out with myself at the beach, my outfit wont be complete without my stunnaz, beautiful bag and a statement heels or comfy flats.

Now i’m going to try and elaborate on this fancy word ; FASHION. WHAT IS FASHION? To me its all about being creative. Creating a style you are comfortable in, a style that embraces your uniqueness and compliments your body stature or body type. Its good to follow trends, most i prefer variations; that is having a different style from the usual trends. I must admit , today’s fashion trends are throwbacks from the 60’s and 90’s, what we call RETRO. However these retros have a modern day twist to suit our generation’s lifestyle.

Comments and suggestions are invited and hope you enjoy this piece.

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