COLOUR BLENDING… Boyfriend Blazer by H&M Sneakers…. Nike Air Red polo from Ralph Lauren Short from New Look

While others prefer to dress according to their moods, I do not agree with that. I mean come on, will you want to look and feel miserable? ABSOLUTELY NOT!! I personally think some take colour blending to the wrong curb, which makes them look weird. Others do not dress according to their body types and that, my friend is a FASHION DISASTER!!

OK let me break it down, you remember i talked about blending colours? It’s basically mixing a dull colour with a bold or loud colour, or mixing of two or more different bold colours that compliment each other when paired together.

Some however, prefer the one colour match; which isn’t that bad, but hey! take note you can totally rock in plain colour outfit. It’s the ACCESSORIES that makes a statement when dressing in plain colour clothes. Your shoes, bag, choice of jewelry and even make-up can be on fleek and make you look exquisite and give you that inner feeling of awesomeness.


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