Greetings to my beloved readers. Love from me to you wherever you are. I trust you had a great weekend, well i did!(wink wink).Okay, so yesterday was Sunday, and as my tradition i went to church to praise and adore the Most High God. It was a beautiful day and i really enjoyed the word from my Pastor.

All that being said, let me share my outfit with you guys. It was actually inspired by one of Ghana’s renowned style bloggers Akosua Vee(

Its a Nigerian style from the Yorubaland called IRO (wrapper/ cloth) and BUBA(blouse/top). She paired a plain white blouse(buba) with a starry yellow African printed cloth or wrapper(iro). For jewelry, she wore a beautiful floral necklace(which i’d like to call a statement necklace) and finished it off with a gorgeous pair of white heel sandals.

The buba could match with the iro(using the same fabric) or you could match it with a plain coloured top with a colourful down or vice versa. It all depends on how you want to look, just make sure you look good and feel great.

The iro can be tied in two attractive ways:

  1. It can be tied at the front in the form of a tulip. This can be done by taking the left and right top edges of the cloth and pulling each ends inward towards your waist line and then twisting each end over each other to make a fine knot and tucking in the edges of the cloth.
  2. It can also be worn by tying the wrapper right around your waist. This is the easiest and simplest way of tying the buba.

Now, on to the highlight of the day, yours truly. I wore a white chiffon blouse and a blue African print cloth (thanks to my fiance’s mum)with a nice pair of coral shoes(comment if i’m wrong about the colour name). A simple gold and pearl piece sweetly hung on my neck and a black purse to compliment my outfit.

Oh and i just found a new Protective Hairstyle which is my Crotchet braids…..It totally ROCKS for me.

How do i look guys?

Yay or Nay?

Please leave your thoughts below…….

White Chiffon Blouse from TU

Heels by : Miss Selfridge a London retail outlet20160814_093932.jpg

Crotchet Installation by my friend : Anne-ruth Macarthy Boham

Editing by my friend: Lynda Jabrah

Photography : @Krazikofi



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