I woke up unsure of what to wear to church this Sunday.  On this side of Africa (Ghana to be specific), an all-white is mostly what is worn on the first Sunday of every month as it will be communion Sunday as well.

There I was in my room pulling out different outfits looking for that perfect white to put on. Lo and behold I had an ‘Aha’ moment. I’ve had this floral chino pants since early 2015 but just couldn’t find that perfect occasion to wear it for. Now I stood there thinking of what to pair it with. Even as a fashionista I sometimes have conflicting thoughts as to what to pair. Then it struck my mind I had this really chic white Anne Klein blazer I got from a family member so I paired it with a white tank top, the floral chinos and a brown high heel shoes.

This look can be worn to an office party, dinner, church and work. With wearing it to work however, one must note that it depends on which corporate organization you work with. Some firms have prescribed office wear. The blazer with a top is all fine to wear to work, but the floral pant is what you have to check with your workplace if it’s appropriate.

I was well pleased with myself I pulled off this look as it spoke two words to me; MINIMAL but CHIC. Instead of holding my braids in a tight bun I opted to let it down to one side of my face to show off my earrings, the little black satchel I had on my shoulder and the pattern of the blazer. Don’t get me wrong, you can hold your braids in a bun but I just preferred letting mine down and if you choose to rock something like this and you have a weave on or braids you can most definitely hold a bun too.

Another way these pants can be worn is with a sky blue checkered long sleeve shirt in place of the tank top. You can choose to use a blazer with it or not. It is super sunny out here so I had my large round shaped glasses on. Like one of fashion’s most famous ladies Audrey Hepburn said “My look is attainable. Women can look like Audrey Hepburn by flipping out their hair, buying the large sunglasses and the little sleeveless dresses.”  Her look is indeed attainable and that was exactly what I went for with my looks. Though I opted for a pant and blazer look, I made sure I had my large sunglasses on and flipped my hair out. So you can probably say I took this particular dress inspiration from Audrey Hepburn.


Blazer: Anne Klein

Shoes: Miss Selfridge

Satchel bag: Christian Siriano for Payless

Glasses: Dorothy Perkins

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