We all know the Beret goes wayyy back and originally from the French as part of their army uniform.
It’s now brought back in today’s fashion and has everyone going ‘crazy’ for it and inculcating it in their everyday wear. It comes in varied colours and style.

In today’s post, mine comes in black but with pearls which adds a whole new level of Style which is why I totally loveee it and will show you the different ways I have styled it!!

1. For a Friday night hangout for drinks with your girlfriends, I decided to pair it with an all black outfit, added some different vibe n colour by pairing it with a camouflage jacket and a nude mini purse to brighten it up.

2. Ohh trust me this is the one that got me ‘feeling myself’ πŸ˜€.. So I went for a look that speaks class with a bit of an African flair to it. I styled the beret with a black off the shoulder tube top, an ankara skirt (oh but wait there is a juicy gist to this skirt; you know what that will be explained on my next post on how ‘this skirt became a skirt’ lol) So back to how I put this look together, I wore nude shoes with a white purse .

3. Lastly, for the final look which is actually the highlight for today’s post.. you know one always have to save the best for last which is an old adage; this look comes across as a Streetstyle Chic or Classy Sophisticated Chic😊. This look can be worn to Church, Dinner, Work( but the beret will have to be exempted though), brunch and the club. I paired a black chinos pant with a coral tank top, white shoes, a white blazer, some wrist bohoo bracelets, wrist watch and a side fringe-like bag of which I tucked the rope of the bag in so it sort of looks like a clutch bag.

There are different other ways the beret can be used in your everday style but these are just a few of how I have styled myself with it.

If you enjoyed this post and want me to try a different look, kindly drop your comments and suggestions belowπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡



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