“Fashion never fades but style is eternal ” – Yves Saint Laurent

Every year, we get to see designers wowing crowds on the runway with immaculate designs of the 70s-90s with a little bit of twist and modern day styles incorporated into it.

The embroidery has become an “IT” thing in today’s latest style trends which can even be seen on sneakers and basically just anything wearable for humans. It’s a beautiful thing but my preference would be on clothing and not on sneakers as it looks extravagant. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not saying it doesn’t look good or being extravagant is wrong. For me, I love simplicity but not something that is boring too.

With an embroidery outfit, here are a few places I think it should be worn to also taking into account your body stature. The shirt dress embroidery can be worn to a barbeque, the beach or a cocktail party. This can be paired with flats(slippers or sandals), canvas or a nice high heels.

For ladies with larger bellies, I advise or reccommend the use of a waist trainer or corset belt to accentuate your shape thereby making the tummy invincible in the dress and making you look astonishing.

The shirt embroidery as worn by me in today’s post can be worn for a casual lunch date paired with a nice fitting jeans but should you want to switch up the look for an evening out, I will advise on the use of a side bag or a clutch.

With my look it was for a lunch date hence the reason for a medium sized handbag.

In accessorising such an outfit, since the shirt already has a statement design on, I would recommend the use of a small piece of gold or silver necklace or a choker but if you are not a fan of neckpieces you can do without.

Should I, for instance have braids on like a cornrow, I will go for the round hoops earring. If it’s a weave-on like I had, I decided to go for the hoops earring because I had a scarf that held my hair to the back.

With regards to the accessory to use on the wrist, since shirt dresses usually come in long sleeves I reckon just a wrist watch or a nice bracelet can be used in the place of a watch.

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