We all may be going through rough patches or may have already gone through some and when you look back or try to think of what you are going through or been through, you then realize it was not just by your strength but because God had your back and some few loved loyal ones.

There is so much in us that we carry just by being a WOMAN which if given to men to hqndle(giggles) trust me they may NEVER be able to and mind you I am not saying this in reference to pregnancy but rather just the Grace we carry in dealing with a billion things such as brokenness, shame etc and still having a positive mental outlook in givingback love to whatever may have broken us.

Many women are battling with so much but can’t share because there is no one to trust as some will pretend they care but all they want to do is listen and then go share your predicament with others and make it a topic for discussion thereby making it really difficult for people to share their pains with others and rather chose to “die in silence.”

When will we genuinely care about our fellow women and try to empathise with them rather than make a mockery of their situation?

When will we render a helping hand without making it a public announcement?

When will we learn to support and celebrate one another’s success and businesses without having to feel insecure?

There is so much we can achieve as women only if we chose to work together and changing the narratives of fighting against ourselves for supremacy and other infallible things. Often times we tear each other down in hopes of making ourselves feel better but in actuality it is just us inhibiting our weaknessea and insecurities.

Today I want to urge each of you my female readers to embrace and support every other female in your circle or your community. Show love, kindness and don’t let your hand be “too short” to lend a helping hand for we face alot of challenges as women and we tend to hold it all in for fear of being judged.

Alas! Need i tell you that in the society we find ourselves in, whatsoever one does or doesn’t do their will always be naysayers and dream killers.

So I say; “Do You”! And whaterver gives you that butterflies in your tummy.

Cheers and love always.


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