When you look in the mirror what do you see?!!

Do you see a broken woman who was bound by love and gave selflessly her entire being just to be left shattered one day by that man whom she gave off herself selflessly for?

How broken can you be to not even have a sense of direction neither the strength to heal and empower yourself so much you will not even remember or noticed you were broken when you decide to take a second look at yourself in the mirror!

Have you thought of building your self-esteem as that can be a major factor as to why you could or why you were prone to being hurt and broken? Often times those who hurt us could easily see through our weaknesses and use it as a bait psychologically in twisting and turning our minds to believe we amount to nothing worthy or deserving of love for ourselves.

When will you take a stand and say “Enough is Enough” and its about time you take care of your mental well-being and give yourself all the CARE in the world. Is it not funny how “Self” has been made a repititive noun throughout this write off!! Well I guess the universe and God to be specific wants you to understand its time to grab the “Bull by its Horn” this time and be that change you wish to be as that can somehow be the only remedy to have them RESPECT you and serve as a queue when you feel you are being taken for granted or mistreated contrary to your beliefs and the things you hold sacred to yourself such as “Peace of Mind” .

It is time to be selfish with your mentality and your space so when you take a look at yourself in the mirror you will be PROUD of what you see and exude excitement that you refused to settle for peanuts when you can have the entire farmland (😂😂😃) and used your weakness to build yourself by working on those dreams you had put on hold and achieving everything on your checklist or bucketlist! (Whichever sounds boujee for you😁)

Nothing in this life is ever easy to achieve but once you set your mind to it and put in the work required everything becomes so sweet like eating a slice of your favorite cake.

Love yourself but Do Not allow yourself to be used

Embrace your flaws

Persevere no matter how challenging it gets

Empower yourself

Never let anyone take you for granted

Give selflessly without expectations

Open your heart to love no matter your past experiences

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