Hello everyone!!

Yeah I know it’s been a while you read something since my last post.

I understand it’s a New Year and all you hear on social media and whoever you come into contact with is “What’s your Resolution/Goals”and all that shenanigans that comes with a new year. I am sorry to burst your bubbles I am not here to splurge on you my resolutions but hey I just might spill some of them of which you can incorporate into your daily lives.

First and foremost I must say 2018 was not all an exciting and stress free year for me. Had a lot of melt down depressing moments that had me questioning if God was even hearing my prayers and doubting as to whether He was even with me!! I even wonder how I could survive; considering half of what I had been through but then again I realise if it hadn’t been for Him what could have become of me when life kept throwing a whole basket of lemons at me which I even tried squeezing some juice out to help me get through each passing day towards achieving my goals for that year but it always came out tasting sour!

Have you experienced such feeling of doing everything humanly possible to equip yourself such as ; seeking employment or just merely trying to find your True passion in order to leverage on it in making your life meaningful and worthwhile ? Trust me that was how most of my 2018 went but through it all my eyes and focus still clunged to the most High God and didn’t give up on life by vanishing the face of the earth by succumbing to suicide.

Mind you, don’t even try to second guess whether such thoughts didn’t come to mind; for it sure definitely did! How I was able to withstand and resist such action was God’s Grace and the few genuine loyal friends He connected me with.

Feelings of emptiness and unfillment in things not working or turning out the way its expected all had me depressed and have me thinking I was a failure!

Here are Few things I Tried that worked for me;

  • Joined Rotaract Organization to help meet new people, socialise whiles serving humanity
  • Attending some weekly church activities in other to keep my mind sane
  • Writing the thoughts that flowed through my mind
  • Concerned friends who always called and listened to me notwithstanding wether what I was saying made sense or not
  • Praying

If anyone tells you Mental health is unreal they are lying to themselves for I have experienced it and for those going through it, do know you are not alone and never for once should you think of yourself as being a “crazy” individual because this is something natural and somewhat unavoidable if you are in toxic relationships, have low self-esteem, chronic overthinker etc.

This is an unplanned and unexpected enemy that can show up in anyone’s life regardless of your financial status, personality and so on…. I hope others going through it can own up and get the help needed and not shy away for fear of being judged !!

Here are a few things I intend being INTENTIONAL with in 2019

  • Look out for myself more by being Selfish with whom I give a quarter or half of my time to. As earlier said Mental health is REAL and it is healthy to Protect your space and sanity.
  • Be extremely Intentional with the things I have passion for to help me be the best version of myself
  • Stay consistent in any goals set out for this year and most especially creating weekly contents for you lovelies to read (Tuesday/Friday Only)
  • Draw more closer to my Maker and allow me do things more according to His will and rather not mine
  • Be and stay Happy no matter what challenges comes my way




Do not forget to like, share and comment your thoughts or opinions and remedies you or someone you know used in overcoming depression


  1. Mental health…. the sickness of our generation….. most of them dont kniw how to deal with it and make a use of it to try and move on
    Well done!!!!


  2. Thanks for this. A lot of us carry mental health issues who your even knowing it’s there . It’s time young people start discussing this .


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