Hello Everyone,

I hope you all have had a great week and ready to let down your hair, take off that bra (ahha a sigh of relief right?! ๐Ÿ˜‚), unbuckle that belt and just walk around in your boxers.

Trust me if this is how you feel every time you get home from work most especially on Fridays when you know the weekend is all yours to indulge in your favourite TV shows, movies and fun things to do, just know you are not alone and I absolutely can relate.

It’s a new year when companies are looking for new recruit and as an individual you are also looking for new job opportunities due to varied reasons such as; salary increment, unfair treatment or just trying other job sectors for employment. So you work tirelessly in writing the best CV and Cover letter (like those from Ivy league Universities๐Ÿ˜€) that can ACE your credentials and possibly secure you an interview with the companies your application has been sent through to.

Fortunately, you get called for an interview(s) which you had well prepared for through researching of what the company is geared towards and practicing prospective interview questions in relation to the job position advertised or applied for.

Knowing how well prepared you were and being positive you had aced the interview, hoping to receive a positive feedback through your email of which you had constantly been checking on since after the interview day and even sending a follow up email; Lo and behold weeks or sometimes days after you get a response saying “Unfortunately you wouldn’t be considered for the role”.

Trust me on hearing or reading such a message all you could often think of yourself are negatives such as ; being a failure, self-doubt, anger, sadness etc.

A friend shared with me as to how after sending applications within minutes she gets the aforementioned without even being granted an interview at least and it had me questioning as to whether the CV was even looked at when they received the application!

I for one believe that regardless as to whether the individual has or doesn’t have the specified requirements for the position, they can be granted an interview, for through conversation you may tend to discover they have transferable skills or something peculiar that can be beneficial to the business.

Often times upon receipt of such feedback in regards to the effort, time and resources invested in applying and preparing for an interview, such individuals not withstanding my own self, we tend to give up hope in trying again somewhere else hence the feeling of being dejected.

From my experiences, below are a few Positive ways I had handled the aforementioned emotions.

Kindly also bear in mind this may or may not work for some of you but all the same I know a lot of us have felt dejected either way or another

  • Be perseverant as one or more negative feedback should not be a deterrent reason to give up
  • Apply everyday until you get employed whenever you see job adverts
  • Find your passion and levy on it
  • Learn a new trade whiles still job searching – Vocational training in anything you love can be a source of empowerment and revenue
  • Tell yourself empowering words daily and work on them
  • Be service committed – get involved in organizations you don’t have to pay anything to be a member in other to serve your community and manage your time
  • Attend networking events and you just might be lucky in getting employed on the spot
  • Pray about your application before sending and whiles waiting on a feedback

With this I hope when next you get a negative interview feedback you will not sulk but rather give it more push by constantly applying.

Kindly Do Not forget to share your thoughts or opinions on how you were able to walk out of the negative feelings when you received an unpleasant news.

Thank You for coming to my TED talk!!๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿค—

Love always,



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