Whewww its been an eventful weekend but thanks to God for His strength!!

Todays post I know definitely have your minds and thoughts wondering what nitty gritty I will be talking about right?!

Well I am sorry to burst the naughtiness and cliché but this is about Styling one outfit in many ways and not that sexual threesome you been thinking of😀.

Not judging anyone though who gets down to that ; I mean we all need some exploration of our sexuality here and there.

Okay okay enough of the Sexual talk lets get Creating💃🏾💃🏾!!!

So over the weekend I did a style session to showcase 3 different ways to wear this gorgeous skirt which its look was inspired by the ever Faboulos Beyonce!!

I really loved the pattern and detailing hence I met with my tailor to have it recreated for me. So I jumped right into sourcing the fabric from one of my most loved fabric shop in Ghana called “Woodin” and I usually prefer fabric shopping myself than leaving it all up to my tailor.

Restyling old or new outfit is vital “Art” required as a Style blogger/influencer and helps in saving more(this girl ain’t about to go broke to look thiss good😀). You do not necessarily have to always splurge money on new stuffs when you can recreate different looks with the same dress, shoes or fabric.

I get it some don’t like repition of an outfit but if you love being versatile and creative; restyling is Fun to a Style Enthusiast!

Ok enough of the hula baloon lets get down to descriptionnnn☺️🤗🤗


Wondering where you can wear this to? Worry not as I will definitely fill you in on that;

This look can be worn to this varied functions;

  • afrochella concert
  • shopping with the ladies,
  • Casual brunch
  • The Cinema

Look 2 👇🏾.CLASSY

With this Chic, sophisticated look, one can wear it to;

  • Engagement (Nuptial)
  • Naming Ceremony(Only if there is no specific dress code as usually in this part of Africa, White is the most approved colour for such an occassion.
  • Church (that was exactly where I wore this look to)
  • Dinner Date

Look 3 👇🏾 – Full African

African fabrics are “RICH” in texture, colours and patterns and I must say I don’t regret embracing wearing some of which I only started wearing more of them recently.

The top part of this fabric or style was created by me. I’m no fashion designer “Yet” but a Stylist who can put together masterpiece !! (Yes allow me to brag about my style for you all definitely know it’s unique and Rich😀).

You’re never fully dressed without a smile – lyrics from the movie Annie

We must never confuse elegance with snobbery – Yves Saint Laurent

The dress must follow the body of a woman, not the body following the shape of the dress – Hubert de Givenchy

You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it – Edith Head

This look can be worn to all your Boss Lady functions!

Wondering what I mean by Boss Lady functions right?! Well here goes;

  • A Conference geared towards Women Empowerment
  • To a Gala Night
  • Wedding / Engagement

This outfit which is a wrap skirt and a top can be worn literally to every event or social gathering.

In other news, never forget this post;

Fashion fade, style is eternal – Yves Saint Laurent

Neckpiece – @_beadsbybella

Sneakers – airwalk for payless

Shirt – @UnapologeThick

Sandals – Newlook

Gold Sandals – @Primark

Kindly do not forget to comment on which Style pick is your favourite and other ways you can best wear it whiles sharing the post and tap the like button too.

5 thoughts on “3 WAYS

  1. I love this. Great Read!.
    All 3 Styles are beautiful. My favourite is 2 because of the neck piece on the black top you styled with. However, top in picture 3 for the full outfit is beyond awesome!.

    Liked by 1 person

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