The truth behind the lies is just a metaphor that I choose to use in today’s post which may have already puzzled your mind and have you trying to decipher what this exact post is about today!

Hope everyone is having a great day and excited it’s WEEKEND!!

Some of you may know how as kids growing up you must have heard this old adage “white lie”? This sort of got me questioning my thoughts as to what can truly be defined as a “white lie” and in my opinion I totally or must I say I almost think it’s just a phrase used to have us make unreal things or situations come off as literally speaking the absolute truth when being questioned or caught doing something despicable of any sort but I strongly believe Not everyone actually does speak the truth or tell a “white lie”!

Truth behind the Lies in today’s post is referring to the colours Black and White and how I have come to love wearing such colours lately .

Style to me is being able to wear a particular outfit in varied ways without looking shabby or broke.

I said broke due to the notion often had by some individuals as repitition of one specific outfit or accessories means an individual isn’t financially fit to afford the finer things of life or spend extravagantly.

Trust, if you have other plans such as buying a house, settling your mortgage or student loans etc, you will learn the ropes of shopping on a budget and come out looking expensive.!!

I for one, thriftshop a lot and I get great deals for quality outfits, shoes or bags.

Next blog post will be on my thrift finds and some tips on how to shop for the best with somewhat a low budget.

So here are a few of my Truth behind the Lies lookbook

Look 1

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style. – Maya Angelou

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak – Rachel Zoe

Shoes – thrifted

Skirt & Top – thrifted

Bag – @Zara

With this look you can wear it everywhere excluding the Mosque(this is in reference to any of my Muslim readers).

Should you decide on wearing this look to work, I will advice ditching the ankara head wrap but if you work in a multinational company then I guess it is fine to leave it on.

Also the mini bucket bag can be swapped with a much bigger or medium sized bag that your laptop can fit into.

Look 2

Attitude is everything – Diane Von Furstenberg

Sneakers – @airwalk

Purse – H&M (thrifted)

Glasses – @rayban

Pant Suit – thrifted (@Bhs)

Oh my oh myyy.. I love this look and I am so gushing over how great I look!!

If you wish to appear more lady- like and look all “Bossy” when you walk into that board meeting or networking event, all you need is to swap the sneakers for a good looking stiletto heels, sandal heels or a nice flat shoes.

With reference to the purse, you can still use it or change to a preference of yours. If I am to change it, I will opt for this “Hermès” saddle bag

Image Source – Pinterest

And for a street style casual wearing the sneakers, I will opt for this

Image Source – Google search

Look 3

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have -Maya Angelou

Elegance is not standing out, but being remembered – Giorgio Armani

Tweed Jacket – thrifted

Skirt – thrifted

Shoes – thrifted (@Primark)

You know what, everything worn in this pic is thrifted with the exception of the glasses.

If today is your first time reading my blog, please note that this gurll right here loves to thrift shop!! When I would have become a billionaire like Kylie Jenner😊 then just maybe I will minimise or stop my thrift passion😀😀.

Need I say more about this look?! This is a chic look which can be switched up to your style preference.

Look 4

One is never over-dressed or under-dressed with a Little Black Dress – Karl Lagerfeld (Rest in Peace)

Dress- thrifted

Jacket – @Denim

Sneakers – @Converse

Waist Bag – @glamorousbooth

There are a lot of benefits with wearing a black dress or anything black. It just gives you that figure hugging shape and if you are thick skinned like me, you will know about the fact that it makes us look slim a little less than our natural body shape.

This look was worn to the cinema with my gurls for a movie night and later to the bar for some drinks.

It can be switched up to heels for my ladies who can’t concentrate in flats like Victoria Beckham.

Look 5

Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers and style is what you choose – Lauren Hutton

Same skirt I wore in look 3 were in I tucked the brown belt inside and put a gold plated belt over and that is because the brown belt is sewn directly to the skirt.

Style is about improvising and being spontaneous from the usual norm of dressing you have become accustomed to.

Look 6

Yesterday was Independence Day in my second home Ghana where I currently reside. So it is befitting I use this image as my final Truth behind the Lies lookbook.

Picture was taken at the Gallery 1957 Art Exhibition.


Determine to live life with flair and laughter – Maya Angelou

Get that sting and have you some honey drip on that skin -Masakatstyle

Thank you for stopping by and do let me know which look was your favourite and what lookbook you will like me to create.

Do not hesitate to comment, like and share.




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